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Iron Fitting

There is no doubt that custom fitted golf clubs will lower your golf score. Each of us has a unique swing, and it’s virtually impossible to expect “off-the-shelf” golf clubs to exactly match our own individual characteristics.
Fundamentally golf club manufacturers make their clubs to suit the largest group of golfers possible. Custom fitted golf clubs help mid to high handicappers the most by giving them a more consistent swing. Informal studies show that high handicap golfers, 90 and above, using custom fitted clubs can reduce their score by five strokes or more, while low handicappers can take off a half to one stroke per round. Custom Fitting Process
The objective of custom fitted golf clubs is to give the player the longest club and the softest shaft that provides him with the greatest degree of control. Manufacturers try to convince players that longer is better, and this is not necessarily so.
Our process involves a detailed analysis of a player’s height, strength, arm length, type of body, stance, attack angle, degree of shaft bend during downswing and skill level. All of these factors determine each individual’s specific lie angle and deflection point, the two most important aspects of a golfer’s swing.
The angle between the bottom edge of the club and the shaft is known as the lie angle. Ideally, the bottom edge of the club head should be exactly parallel with the ground when the club head strikes the ball. Unfortunately, that is not the case with most golfers.
In reality, most golfers hit the ball with a lie angle that is too upright. This makes the ball go left for a right-handed player and go right for a left-handed player. Golfers with high handicaps usually have this problem. Manufacturers try to compensate for this trait by making clubs with a more upright angle.
Unfortunately, very few club manufacturers maintain this specific lie angle for an entire set of clubs, and this leads to inconsistent golf swings and higher scores. St Andrews Golf Company meticulously checks every club to make sure that each one has the correct lie angle for that player.
Each golfer’s physique determines his own deflection point, the area where the shaft bends during the downswing. A properly fitted golf club will bend at the most advantageous point for each player.

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