Learn Custom Fitting


Learn Custom Fitting

In recent years, the ability to learn custom fitting has been brought to the forefront of the golfing public’s mind. What once was reserved for Tour players and the best amateurs is now available to any golfer who’s willing to spend the time and money to learn custom fitting and get a properly fitted set of clubs. With today’s technology and vast amount of products to examine, an experienced club fitter can truly solve the shaft mystery. Custom fitting can be done with woods, irons, wedges and even putters from most manufacturers.

For the any level of golfer, custom fitting is the passport to better golf. A comprehensive custom fitting process will usually go through a 4 step system that includes

Static fitting

Record his or her physical characteristics, including height, wrist-to-floor measurement, hand length and finger length

Dynamic fitting

Consists of hitting golf balls with face tape attached to the club, the fitter observes the golfer’s swing motion, posture, club head speed, level of flexibility and swing path

Ball flight analysis

fitter works with the golfer on the range to fine-tune the fit of the club. The curvature of shots, the trajectory, carry distance and general flight characteristics

Ongoing analysis.

golfer carefully notes his or her performance with the chosen club and reports back to the fitter. This information is discussed, and any necessary adjustments can be made to correct the problem.


This is a 4 day golf school and includes 18 holes of golf in St Andrews


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