Learn Advanced Club Fitting


Learn Advanced Club Fitting

On this course you will learn Advanced Club Fitting and you will learn the following:


is a term that applies to golf shafts and describes a process of matching up all the shafts within a set of clubs so that their most consistent bending position all point in the same direction, thereby ensuring a more consistent set.

MOI Matching

With MOI matched clubs, each club is built to require 
the same force to swing it.  In it’s most simple form, this is what sets MOI matching apart from matching clubs to the same swing weight.

Advanced Analysis

Launch angle and spin rates Learn how to find the ideal combination of loft and shaft which achieves optimum ball flight. Using interchangeable locking systems. With this data you can learn how to determine which combination of shaft and loft provides maximum distance and best shot dispersion.

Putter Fitting

Fitting session looking at the length of putters, lie angle, loft on the putter, dead weight, swing weight and grip.

A complete analysis of your putting stroke is then carried out.


This is a 2 day course, including lunch.

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