Bobby Jones Grand Slam Set 16 Clubs & Mount



Bobby Jones 16 Club Set and Mount
Bobby Jones is probably the game’s greatest exponent.  He ruled the game during the 20’s & 30’s. While the game was mainly a professional sport, he remained an amateur throughout his career.  In 1930 he achieved the “holy grail” of golf by winning all four of the games major championships in the same calendar year. A feat still to be reproduced today.  On the 75th anniversary of this extraordinary feat, the Jones heir’s through their official licencee “Golf Links to the Past” asked the Tom Stewart Co.
of St Andrews (his original club maker) to reproduce the set of 16 hickory clubs he used. 
Jones chose different clubs depending on the course and if the weather conditions.  He would swap 2 of his longer irons for 2 additional woods to enable him to fly the ball higher. These clubs are fully playable and a true collector’s item. 
limited to only 1930 registered sets. Tom Stewart is today part of the St Andrews Golf Co. Ltd.  The set comes with a wall mount made from Scottish Oak hand made in our factory.  This set is made under licence from the Jones heirs.
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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 125 × 44 × 21 cm


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