The Smooth Guttie Ball



Smooth Gutta Percha
The Gutta Percha ball was the ball that opened golf to the masses.  The first major development in the evolution of the golf ball. Made from the resin of the Sapodilla tree, this tree is indigenous to Malaysia.  The resin was originally imported for use in dentistry.
Gutta Percha revolutionised the game of golf, the resin when heated in hot water was found to become very soft and easy to shape.  Later balls also had patterns which could affect the flight of the ball.  The smooth ball was the first example of the Gutta Percha ball.  It had no dimples as due to the resin the ball would mark up through normal play and started to see varying ball flight.  This ball is a close resemblance to an authentic Gutta Percha ball.  This ball is playable if required.   
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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 27 × 20 × 6 cm


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