Tom Stewart 1928 Hickory 6 Club Set



Tom Stewart Jr. opened his cleek works in Argyle Street St Andrews in 1893. He learned his trade as a blacksmith with his father in Carnoustie, where “cleeks” were sometimes made. (George Morris, older brother of Tom was a client of renown.)

In 1890 Stewart went to work in St Andrews with the well-known club maker Robert White and in 1893 started business for himself using the famous pipe brand cleek mark previously used by his father in Carnoustie. The cleeks found favour with many famous golfers, including US Open winner Francis Ouimet and Grand Slam winner Robert T. Jones Jr.
Over the years, millions of pipe brand clubs have been produced. As the official owner of the pipe brand and Tom Stewart Company, St Andrews Golf Company continues to hand produce authentic clubs using the same moulds and materials as the originals.
The Tom Stewart 1928 Hickory Set you see here is based on his 1928 series, probably his most playable production year.
The clubs included in the set are the following:
Brassie Wood
The set is finished with suede leather grips and comes with a 4-inch canvas & leather bag.  Can be done in Chrome or Matt finish.
Please be aware that this product is a hand made bespoke product and may attract a lead time of between 6-8 weeks also the price shown is exclusive of VAT


Additional information

Weight 6.0 kg
Dimensions 120 × 21 × 11 cm


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