QE2 Putter Royale

QE2 Putter Royale


The QE2 putter has been faithfully reproduced by hand, based upon a head style from the early 19th century and which was used throughout much of the 1800’s.  Steel headed putters did not appear until about 1900, when they became the standard.
This Limited Edition QE2 putter is hand made by the St. Andrews Golf Co. consistent with the materials and technique of the craftsmen at the time with the exception of the metal inlay.

The shaft is a traditional hickory shaft and the metal is a marine manganese bronze inserted into a persimmon wood head. The marine manganese bronze was crafted from the material of one of the propellers of the QE2, Cunard Line’s premier cruise liner and global icon,

Your QE2 putter will be one of only 300 made.

This putter is hand made and may have a lead time of between 6-8 weeks.  Price shown excludes VAT