St Andrews Golf Co Signs With PXG

STAG and PXG Perfect Pair


St Andrews Golf Co is delighted to announce its partnership with PXG


St Andrews Golf Co is delighted to announce its partnership with PXG. The oldest clubmaker in the world working with the newest member of the premium clubmaking fraternity makes for exciting news. St Andrews Golf Co have been making clubs in the home of golf for over a 135 years so we recognize when someone is setting new standards. For PXG St Andrews seems the obvious place to be. PXG looked long and hard before selecting the most suitable partner.


St Andrews Golf Co Partners with PXG


As part of the partnership St Andrews Golf Co. will carry PXG’s full range of clubs. At our state of the art fitting facility in Largoward just 4 miles outside St Andrews clients will be able to get the real PXG experience. Please come and try PXG’s sublime clubs.

“Strategic partnerships in business are, of course, vital. For a manufacturer of golf equipment a partnership in St.Andrews, the home of golf, is the pinnacle. PXG are proud to be partnering with the oldest existing club makers in the world St. Andrews Golf Co.” Richard Blamey European Sales Operations and Distribution Manager

We are delighted to announce this partnership with PXG. St Andrews welcomes golfers from all over every year so we believe there is significant opportunity to promote PXG. We see this brand going from strength to strength in the future. The name is only just appearing in people’s consciousness  so the future looks very promising.


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