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Fife Today‘s article, which centers on club fitting, is entirely consistent with our opinion–that club fitting should be an integral part of any golfer’s experience. Golfers are all made differently, so every individual’s equipment should complement their abilities.

The Fife Today story, reformatted to fit our site, follows….

Correct measurements are crucial in golf

Golf is a sport for all, but a ‘one size fits all’ attitude to equipment isn’t always for the best.

There’s absolutely nothing stopping anyone from picking up a bag of clubs and heading out for a round if they get enjoyment out of it – most of us who hack our way around the course do just that anyway.

But to get the most out of your game, customising your clubs will see things improve no end.

That was the first lesson our Learn to Play Golf competition winner Margaret Yule learned this week when she visited the St Andrews Golf Company’s Largoward school of golf.

There she met with pro Ron Tickle as the two took the first steps on a six week spell of tuition aimed at turning her from a novice into an ace.

“We started off with some putting and chipping,” said Ron. The first thing we did was measure Margaret’s equipment and we found her putter was three and a half inches too long. So we cut that down and re-gripped it for her. She found that much easier for distance control.”

Margaret has played the game off and on for a few years, and her aim for the tuition is to be able to hit the ball longer.

There’s nowhere better in the Kingdom to learn how to improve your golf play than the Largoward facility

“We’re starting off with putting and gradually building things into her game leading to the full swing,” said Ron. “At the St Andrews Golf Company we’ve developed a system which helps golfers to hit their ball further.”

“It’s about developing the mechanics within someone’s play.”

Margaret was the lucky winner of the competition we ran across both the Fifer Herald and St Andrews Citizen for a couple of weeks.

There’s nowhere better in the Kingdom to learn how to improve your golf play than the Largoward facility – and those working there believe they have the perfect student with them.

Ron said: “Margaret is very enthusiastic for the sport. She did very, very well.”

We’ll continue to feature Margaret’s progress with Ron in our titles in the forthcoming weeks.


Originally written by Scott Inglis and published by Fife Today




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