George Nicoll Precision Series Irons

Here at St. Andrews Golf Company, we could not be more pleased to announce the release of our 2013 set of George Nicoll Precision Series irons. Under development for a period of several years, we’ve long planned to release our new line in 2013–a full one hundred years since George Nicoll released his first set of Precision irons,

George Nicoll represents more than just a stamp in metal for us, so we reached high, aiming to maintain Nicoll’s spirit of innovation and quality, while pulling together the best features–past and present–from over a century of club making experience.



We’re not ashamed to say we consulted with a variety experts to realize this effort, including for example, the Department of Engineering at the University of Dundee. We worked with countless others who contributed opinions about look, feel, and more. We thank each and every one of them (you know who you are).

Our George Nicoll Precision Series Irons are forged from 1020 carbon steel and feature a CNC-milled cavity we’ve designed to appeal to a wide range of playing levels without compromise. Amateurs will find outstanding feel and forgiveness on off-center hits even while the most experienced players (including playing pros) will gain every advantage of workability.

Click the links below to learn more and to purchase a set of irons we feel will put St. Andrews back atop the international roster of A-list clubmaking locations.

George Nicoll Precision Series Irons (steel shafts)
George Nicoll Precision Series Irons (graphite)

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