St Andrews Golf Company Opens Honma Golf Showroom

The St Andrews Golf Company opened a Honma showroom at their store in St Andrews Wednesday, featuring a full range of Honma equipment and a custom fit and assembly service.

The new showroom displays Honma’s new S-03 range of woods and irons, the Tour World series of clubs and various Honma bags, putters and wedges. Nearby its store, the St Andrews Golf Company will offer a complete Honma custom fit assembly service, located at its Largoward facility.

St Andrews Golf Company CEO, Ewan Glen, said that Honma’s history and precise hand-crafted manufacturing led to the new partnership. “We have both been around a very long time,” Glen said. “Just like Honma, our experts hand-craft golf equipment to exacting standards to ensure that our customers walk away with the absolute best that money can buy.”

Honma’s UK distributor, Vincent Thibault, is excited to have Honma’s products featured in such a historic and well-known location. “Ewan and his team at St Andrews Golf Company are highly impressive, and are world class when it comes to dealing with golfers who demand the very best,” Thibault said.

“Our new Honma showroom is in the perfect location, and we anticipate great interest in our ultra-high-performance Honma equipment from golfers from all parts of the world, when they make their pilgrimage to St Andrews.”

Established over 50 years ago, Honma prides itself on a meticulous approach to manufacturing their high-end clubs, in which at least 100 craftsmen handle each club manufactured.

Honma’s standard drivers start at £910, and sets of irons are available from £1,275. Wedges are available from £225, with utility clubs from £375, fairway woods from £505 and putters from £325.

Additionally, Honma features its “Star grading system”, allowing golfers to choose their ideal grade of carbon graphite shaft, along with other customization options such as choosing head colour or adding 24 Karat gold and PT1000 platinum detailing and weights. 5-Star drivers and fairway woods are £5,095 per club, and a set of six 5-star irons starts at £26,995.

The Honma showroom at St Andrews Golf Company is located at 8 Golf Place, St Andrews, Fife KY16 9JA, Scotland. Visit the website at or call +44 (0)1334 840860.

  1. Michael Arbuthnot 2 years ago

    Hi there can you get me a ARMRQ6 or ARMRQ8 45g Reg shaft as I have broken my beres S03 driver shaft.
    Thanks Michael.

    • Author
      Ewan Glen 2 years ago

      Dear Michael

      Apologies we have just seen this in our Junk mail. Are you still looking for this?


      Ewan Glen

  2. Ray Bader 2 years ago

    I’m looking to purchase a Claret Jug but I don’t see on line where to put the message to be engraved. Can someone help with that?

  3. DE MICHELE Nadine 2 years ago

    Bonjour Mr. Glen
    Je voudrais commander un Putter Deluxe Maple HEAD c1880,
    Et faire un gravage sur le shaft.
    On m’a donné le prix du club, ainsi que le montant du transport pour la France, 195 livre pour le club, 15 livre pour le transport.
    Ma problématique est que je ne trouve pas la rubrique pour le commander.
    Également, le délai de livraison est de 4 semaines pour le recevoir.
    J’aurai voulu offrir ce Putter Pour l’anniversaire de mon mari, le 10 août. Est ce qu’il serait possible de réduire le délai ?
    A savoir, mon mari possédait déjà ce club ; je lui avais offert 6 ans plus tôt, malheureusement son véhicule lui a été volé avec son sac de golf à l’intérieur.
    Pourriez vous me dire si c’est possible.
    Je vous remercie d’avance pour votre réponse.
    Nadine DE MICHELE

  4. Asher Rakesh 2 years ago

    I wish to purchase St. Andrews collection the old putter

    That’s my dream putter can you ship to India


    • Author
      Ewan Glen 2 years ago

      Dear Asher

      Yes we ship to India. At the checkout you will be asked what the delivery address is and it will calculate the shipping charge.

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      Best wishes

      Ewan Glen

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