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Hamish WR Steedman


Graduated from Stirling University with a degree in Economics and Computer Science. Spent eight years in Canada working in the Retail and Commercial Banking arm in the Head Office of Royal Bank of Canada and attained my banking Fellowship exams (FICB) while there. Returned to Scotland joining Bank of Scotland specialising in Change Management.

Love of sport and a desire to develop a small business using my international connections brought me to St Andrews Golf Company where I have spent the last fifteen years.Interests are golf, skiing, rugby and travel usually supported by the essentials of good food, drink and excellent company!

Steven Newton

Factory Manager

I spent 22 years in the RAF posted in Germany, Canada, Northern Ireland and Iraq, background in logistics, project management and recently in IT project management. Very keen golfer at St Andrews.

I am trying to use these skills to help drive this wonderful company  and give the last golf club maker in St Andrews Scotland, the ‘Home of Golf’ a fulfilling future.

The company is over 130 years old and makes very unique hand-made golfing products and we have artisan club makers with a wealth of history and experience on their side.

As well as all of your modern repairs e.g replacing shafts, swing weighting, loft and lie, re-gripping etc. we also do fittings and lessons.  We are also a fully accredited PXG Stockist.

We excel at making Hickory clubs of all kinds but also continue to carry out modern club fittings for PXG and all modern clubs.  We also have out own range of George Nicoll modern drivers fairways, irons and putters.

We have a simulator in the factory that can be used for looking at your statistics and for accurate gapping of clubs.  We also offer a factory tour so If you would like to look around the factory give us a call 0n 01334 840860]

Andy Henderson

Club Maker

Andy has been making clubs for over 35 years, he started out as an apprentice in the George Nicoll factory when it was in Leven, moving on to Golf Classics where he became factory foreman. He joined the St Andrews Golf Co. in 2002. A fine golfer himself in his day he has applied that knowledge to make clubs for golfers of all standards.

Bob Meldrum

Cleek Maker

Bob has been grinding golf club heads for over 30 years, He first started making clubs for J B Halley the revered St Andrews club maker. When that sadly closed down in 1998 he joined St Andrews Golf Co.

He has made clubs for some very famous people over the years including an 18 time major winner as well as a member of the British Royal Family.

Nathan Free

Master Club Maker

Nathan (seen on the right) is a passionate golfer with a scratch handicap. Nathan has been in the golf industry for almost ten years and has a wealth of experience for such a young man. He is an expert with modern equipment, for changing a grip to a full custom fit Nathan is the man to help you improve your golf.

You can contact him on 01334 840860 to arrange an appointment.

Peter Caswell

Master Club Maker

Peter is an engineer by trade with a passion for all things golf.  He is equally happy working on Hickory or modern golf clubs.  Peter is passionate about helping customers make changes to their sets to gain improvement and gain  customer satisfaction.

An experienced club fitter whom has a passion for taking newcomers to Hickory golf through the process of club selection.  Peter has a passion for the restoration of Hickory clubs and excels at resolving complex problems.

Peter is also an experienced club fitter and relishes the opportunity of making any person play better golf through the art of club fitting.

We at St Andrews Golf Company are very happy to have him here.


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions and we'll get back with you soon!


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