Club Fitting

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Club Fitting:
Custom fitted golf clubs will certainly improve your performance. You can’t buy golf clubs “off-the-shelf” and expect them to meet the individual characteristics of your swing. The golf swing just has too many variables that affect your game: like your height, body type, strength, length of arms, amount of shaft bend in your downswing, your skill level, angle of attack, and stance. Professional Club Fitters take all these variables into account when building clubs.

We have more than 130 years of clubmaking experience at the home of golf. Club fitting is not new. One of our earliest clients was Bobby Jones, Jones would test every aspect of his clubs to ensure they matched his requirements.

PGA’s equipment technology training centre for Scotland

•Loft & Lie Checks

•Gap Analysis

•Full Refurbishment Service

•Full shaft Spining Service

•24 Hour turnaround on many products

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Putter Fitting


Wedge Optimisation


Iron Fitting


Driver Fitting


Club Health Check



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